Hire the best contracting talent for your retail business


We are partnering up with a global leader in HR recruitment services that helps you to build and manage an amazing team on demand.

Why Storefront Staffing Solution?

Speedy hiring process

Once received your information, our experienced recruiters will perform deep sourcing services and provide you with the best talent match in the market to meet your hiring needs.

Hassle-free payroll services

We have a dedicated team of payroll experts who are abreast with current legislation to look after your workers’ onboarding process, timesheets and payslips matters.

Cloud management system

With our user-friendly online platform, you and your workers can manage all the workforce data, timesheets, annual leave and payslips in one place.

Build your team now

These are our main Personas. We will match you with the profile that best suits your need. We offer options to hire talent as permanent, contract, or temporary employees.

We know how the right talent can make a significant impact not only on your company's growth - but also your internal teams.

Service available in:

We have the spaces that fit your retail event

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